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Tippecanoe WI Locksmith Store Tippecanoe, WI 414-937-5490Have you ever been locked out of your home, office and car? Have you ever reached office late because you were dealing with a dead house door lock early in the morning? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you seriously need to contact Tippecanoe WI Locksmith Store to help you out in such emergencies. Tippecanoe WI Locksmith Store has already provided relief to hundreds of clients across area through its emergency locksmith opening services.

For instance, Tippecanoe WI Locksmith Store had recently provided a solution to a client who bought a smart lock after getting carried over by false advertising shown on TV and got locked out of his own apartment in the middle of the night. Because of the odd hours, other locksmith agencies denied provision of assistance to the client. But once we received the customer’s call, our team arrived on the scene within 15 minutes to remove the poor-quality lock and upgrade it with a new smart lock.


Prompt 24-hour emergency locksmith opening services earned Tippecanoe WI Locksmith Store the reputation of being a ‘go-to’ locksmith service provider in area. We can replace old locks with a new smart version of locks providing a complete security solution for residences and commercial buildings. We design and plan efficient master key solutions, we install locks for the safety of important files and documents, provide assistance in evictions, cut new keys, open jammed locks and more.

Door unlocking

Tippecanoe WI Locksmith Store’s professionals have in-depth knowledge when it comes to working with conventional and advanced lock systems to unlock them and provide access again. We not only help in emergency door unlocking situations, but also provide consultations for proper maintenance and upgradation of these systems to avoid any unwanted complications in the future.

Safe opening

Safes are meant for keeping confidential documents and files, jewelry and valuable accessories safe. These safes come with electronic or combination locking systems which are difficult to open, if they get stuck or you forget the pass code. Our emergency locksmith opening  team can extract your documents by getting through multiple layers of security, with minimal or no damage.

Car trunk unlock

Car trunk is a movable safe and no amount of destructive force can open a car trunk lock once you end up locking your keys in the trunk. Car manufacturers design car trunks to be resistant and unassailable to any kind of manipulation. Tippecanoe WI Locksmith Store’s team of specialists can provide aid in such situations.

Call Tippecanoe WI Locksmith Store for reliable emergency locksmith opening  services in and around Tippecanoe!